Shipping info.

We have been working hard to provide some of the best shipping methods around and we really can't fault the team at Sendle. Their communication skills and team are astounding and the ability to offer carbon neutral deliveries was extremely important to us. 

Those in a metro area will be given a price calculated directly from Sendle. We have found that this has been anywhere from $4 AUS to $6 AUS with delivery within 2-5 business days. There may be delays right now due to Covid-19 , we will always keep in contact with you if this is the case.

Those in a regional area will also be given a price directly calculated from Sendle. However you may be more interested in the flat $10 AUS when you make a purchase over $30 AUS. We will still be using Sendles service to make the delivery which in our experience is a 2-5 business day delivery but Heart Captors will split the difference to help get you the math rock and RPG accessories to you in a affordable manner.

For anyone in Australia we have one more BIG BIG surprise. If you make a purchase over $150, no matter where you are, We will pay for shipping for you. 

Finally, our great friends overseas. I'm happy to say we do offer international deliveries. We always have and we are appreciative of everyone who has asked. The rate will be generated by Sendle depending on zone. Please look below for guidelines on delivery times and estimated costs.

Zone 1 - New Zealand (10-20 working days)
Zone 2 - North America, Western Europe, Asia and the Pacific (21-28 working days)
Zone 3 - Rest of the world (25-30 working days)

Parcel size

Zone 1

Zone 2

Zone 3

Up to 250g



Up to 500g